I just uploaded “The IS Show (9/15/11): Dr. Raymond Gunn/Jason Filatov” to www.mixcloud.com - listen now!

I just uploaded “College Radio Day 2011 Promo: Drama” to www.mixcloud.com - listen now!

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Music is awesome. Spotify is awesome. And now WOO 91 is awesome(er). You can now check out what our DJ’s are listening to on Spotify and check out our playlists. Rock on!

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WOO 91 will be back soon!

Don’t worry, Internet! We’ll be back on the air with fresh new programming and creative content in less than two months! Until then, DJ Quebbie takes over our airwaves—playing nothing but commercial-free jams for all to hear!

Peace out, and (literally) talk to you soon!

WOO 91

Longcat, er, Longsong is Loooooong

Tomorrow on Audio Stew, I’m playing a bunch of the songs I generally don’t get to because of length.  Each song will be a minimum of seven minutes long, and will be played in its entirety.  You’ll hear from Laurie Anderson, the Velvet Underground, King Crimson, and more.  Tune in at 90.9 FM in Wooster, or at the WOO 91 website.

And as a preview, a 20-minute epic from the Decemberists: The Tain, Parts I-V (The lyrics contain some colorful language.  Also, they have very little to do with the events of the Tain).

I just uploaded “(3/19) Postgame media session (NCAA Championship): Steve Moore, Ian Franks, Bryan Wickliffe” to www.mixcloud.com - listen now!

I just uploaded “Final Four (3/18) Postgame Media Session” to www.mixcloud.com - listen now!

About our website…

Is their anything that you’d like to see on our new website? More multimedia? More Wooster news? Seriously, please us know. http://woo91.wooster.edu

Our new Website is coming (in mid-January)

Several enhancements have been made, both graphically and under-the-hood which makes updating information and keeping the listening-base informed much easier. Below is a glimpse of the new color scheme we plan on implementing. Good? Bad? Let us know!


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